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Writing exercise

As part of the Writing Institute, we do writing exercises. This one was focused on making the longest sentence possible in 20 minutes. We then learned about proper sentence breaks, building sentences of variable length and structure, and properly building sentences as they were written in the 16th century. Scribe brain has ideas. My sentence:

The bag was weighty with authority, the sound of pastries--perhaps chocolate croissants or empanadas--reverberated through the room, echoing hunger pains and throbbing minds, sputtering like volkswagon bugs on cold mornings, cuasing studetns (or at this moment, donkeys lurching for carrots placed on the end of stick) to pour desperate words into their writing, dreaming of coffee and watching the World Cup, most likely in a cafe (somewhere European, preferably), yearning for weekends and wrist braces, footie and sun, referees of sound mind (or, failing that, Columbian 'justice' or super-villian shark traps--in short, not-so-sound bodies) to dream lazy dreams and contemplate the buttery folds and greasy magic the bag may contain, to savor not only victory, but also the delicious knowledge of the mysterious contents, locked inside a brown paper prison for a tortuous 20 minutes of writing exercise, no doubt with the purpose of expanding consciousness, confidence and skill; ultimately, time would tell, unless there was an unfortunate pastry (or World Cup referee) incident--but chances of that arepretty slim, unless of course you find yourself in Columbia (or a shar tank) and confess to supporting the USA (I have hedged my be by supporting England--no one fucks with those guys), or time stopped altogether, like some Einsteinian thought exercise that involved getting shot of a cannon out of the front of a spaceship traveling at the speed of light, or like it is want to do in that odd hour between 9 and 10 am on Friday morning, where 20 minutes continues in a mobious loop, consuming those nebulous minutes you are supposed to be putting on the end of your life with correct diet and exercise (only the right exercises--available for easy payments off of the television, late at night), or never having any fun, ever, or quitting that pastry habit/obsession, recently formed when a bag, now 3, slammed on the table with authority.


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